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Nova Pharma specializes in top quality supplements and products. For the last few years, our team has been striving to bring you superior products that really work. We are proud to be part of your everyday well-being. We help you make your goals reality when it comes to muscle gain, weight loss, recovery and even concentration.

We work hard to create innovative supplements that significantly improve your everyday life. Our products are made with the most perfect ingredients and can be purchased in-store or online.

Nova Pharma is recognized for the all-round excellence of its supplements and its multiple certifications.

  • Banned-substance free : We take your well-being seriously. All our products are crafted through a transparent process and hide no secrets.
  • GMP Certified : We are good-practice certified, yet another proof of the quality of our products.
  • Cutting-edge equipment : We use the latest technologies, so that we can guarantee that our products are crafted in a state-of-the-art manner.
  • Based on extensive scientific research : Because nothing says "it works" better than science.
  • Approved by Health Canada: Our products and supplements are up to code when it comes to government regulations and standards.

Our Research

Nova Pharma remains at the forefront of the nutrition and health industry. Our top-quality dietary supplements are entirely based on thorough scientific research. That's why our products are truly efficient and can help improve your well-being and achieve your goals. Nova Pharma is proud to offer one of the largest, most innovative and comprehensive selections of premium supplement products. We work in a GMP-compliant setting and use only state-of-the-art facilities.

Our Vision

Nova Pharma's goal is to provide you with outstanding nutritional supplements, coupled with excellent customer service. All our products are designed with the best of science, nature, and technology in mind. To ensure even better quality, Nova Pharma has recently acquired new top-of-the-line, GMP-certified, pharmaceutical quality equipment. This upgrade will allow us to increase our production capacity and provide you with a product in line with the latest technological advancements.

Our Promise

Nova Pharma has your well-being to heart. Every day, our experts push themselves to create efficient nutritional supplements to help enhance your body's functions and activities. Our promise is one of excellence in terms of ingredients and manufacturing, but also in terms of caring. Our products are designed to cater to your needs, so that you can achieve your goals and experience a healthier lifestyle.