My Morning Routine

Discover my morning routine with Nova Pharma, the perfect trio to start the day with energy.

01. Marine Collagen

I include Nova Pharma's marine collagen with hyaluronic acid in my routine. This simple step supports the health of my skin, nails, and hair, effectively strengthening and nourishing them.

02. Greens & Berries

Then, I add Nova Pharma's Greens & Berries to get my first dose of fruits and vegetables for the day. This not only boosts my nutrient intake but also kickstarts my morning with essential vitamins and antioxidants.

03. Glutamine

Next, I add Nova Pharma's glutamine to my routine for its benefits in digestion and recovery. This addition helps me maintain a healthy digestive system and supports muscle recovery throughout the day.

In 2018, Isabelle was sworn in and became a lawyer, quickly finding herself very busy. Consequently, long gym sessions became unfeasible, prompting her to create a method for staying fit with 20 to 30-minute workouts, which she dubbed "Short and Sweat".

By 2021, many people were eager to learn her method for maintaining a healthy lifestyle without restrictive diets or excessive training, but with fun and balance. As a result, Isabelle left the legal field to establish "Wellness by Short and Sweat" and soon after, developed the "Short and Sweat" app as we know it today. She teamed up with various trainers and experts to offer a wide range of options to members, from strength training and spinning to nutrition and running.

Since then, thousands have joined the community, ranging from busy parents to professionals constantly on business trips. With a retention rate exceeding 90%, we are convinced that joining the Short and Sweat app leads to a real addiction to self-care.

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