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We often talk about women's hormonal balance, but what about men? Contrary to popular belief, their testosterone, progesterone and estrogen levels are also subject to many fluctuations. In men, however, these imbalances occur more gradually, making them difficult to identify.

When your production of so-called "male" hormones decreases or is unstable, your vitality and energy level can be affected. As a result, your confidence drops, without you necessarily knowing why. This is why Virixia Hormonal Balance supplement has been formulated.

Specially formulated for men who are looking to balance their hormonal system, support their reproductive system and prostate, this supplement made with natural ingredients will help you regain your full vigour.


Why should a man take Virixia Hormonal Balance Supplement?

Virixia supplement is suitable for all adult men, regardless of age and activity level. However, Virixia is a particularly effective support for men in their 50s and for young adults who suffer more often from low energy levels.


The benefits of Virixia supplement:

  • Maintenance of a healthy reproductive system, cervical health and prostate cell health.
  • Increase in sports performance, testosterone levels, sperm production and libido.
  • Supporting Immune Function and Heart Health
  • Provides energy, endurance, strength and vitality
  • Calming of the central nervous system


What are the benefits of Virixia supplement on your male hormones?

Regain your balance

Just like women, men are subject to hormonal variations that can lead to serious consequences. For example, progesterone and testosterone levels gradually decline over the years, which can lead to problems such as prostate problems and even cancer. Virixia's formula helps you reduce these risks by maintaining healthy prostate cells and supporting your reproductive system.


Block Estrogen

When progesterone and testosterone levels drop, the human system tends to produce more estrogen. In such cases, estrogen may even become the dominant hormone produced. This is a complete reversal of the male hormonal cycle! This situation can lead to several problems, sometimes even gynecomastia (breast development or if you prefer "man boobs"). In addition, most prostate disorders could be linked to this overproduction of estrogen. By promoting the balance of your hormones, Virixia helps to block excess estrogen production.


Build your lean muscle mass

Hormonal imbalance is also a cause of water retention. As the name suggests, this phenomenon occurs when the body accumulates more water than it eliminates. The Virixia supplement allows you to stop this body reaction and improve the development of your lean muscle mass. The composition of Virixia also helps you increase your performance and promotes your cardiovascular health, which certainly helps keep you in shape!


What are the ingredients that activate the benefits of Virixia?

The Virixia supplement is a blend of 100% natural ingredients, made entirely of superior quality nutraceuticals and herbs. The main active ingredients are :


Bulgarian Tribulus and Fenugreek :

These two ingredients work together to support a healthy reproductive system and libido in men. Their exceptional action allows the regeneration of cells and slows down the aging process.


DIM (Diindolylmethane) :

Despite its name, DIM is a natural compound! Its role is to maintain cervical, prostate and breast cell health. It is also used to increase the production of male hormones and to block the production of estrogen.


How you need to take Virixia?

In order to feel the beneficial and invigorating effect of Virixia, it is important to take your supplement regularly, twice a day. Remember that it is not a stimulant, but a compound that brings your male hormones into balance.

That's why it takes some time before you see the full results on your body. However, it is interesting to note that many men who use Virixia quickly feel an effect on their morale and energy levels.

However, this product should not be used by men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate cancer. Men who have kidney problems, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes or mental disorders should also consult their doctor before using Virixia supplement.

To learn more about the active ingredients in Virixia, recommendations for use or simply to order the supplement online, click here.


Whatever your need, we have a full range of supplements that can help you regain your body's balance and vitality. Our products are recognized for their formulation, always based on active and natural ingredients. For more information, contact us at info@nova-pharma.com !

Written by Nova Pharma

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